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标签:出言不逊 v13p 黄冠足球投注网址

小编寄语:初中的时候,会有各种的演讲,关于青春演讲,你又知道多少呢?小编上学的时候,很迷恋七堇年的一本小说《被窝是青春的坟墓》。下... [查看全文]


  Good morning teachers and fellow students. Today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you.  M... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中英文演讲稿:《Choice in My Life》

  Ladies and gentlemen, teachers, my fellow students:  I am very excited and feel it's a great honor to s... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中生英语演讲稿:What do I want to do when I’m older?

  Good afternoon! My dear teachers and friends. My name is Li Wenwen.I’m fourteen years old.In class 8,gra... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中英语演讲稿:《College life》

Good evening everone  My name is YJBYS .this evening i want to talk something about college life . it include... [查看全文]


Ladies and gentlemen:  Good morning , I’m very glad to make a speech here. Today my topic is I love yo... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中英语演讲稿:My Dream

  Students, guests , teachers and Honorable Judges  Good morning !  my great pleasure to share my dream with... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中英语演讲稿: Unforgetable Experience

  Once I changed my attitude toward everything, I recognized my world, my future and myself. It happened when ... [查看全文]

2019-07-20初中生英语演讲稿:trust and love

  Dear everyone,  Good evening, everyone!  Throughout my years of being a student, I’ve had many teachers... [查看全文]


Sandstorm史瑶瑶,13岁,甘肃Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, Today I’m going to talk about sandstorm.Sandstor... [查看全文]